Livestock Showmanship

Superintendents: See Beef, Dairy Cow, Goat, Sheep,
Swine, Poultry, Rabbit and Horse Departments


Superintendents: See Beef, Dairy Cow, Goat, Sheep,
Swine, Poultry, Rabbit and Horse Departments

  • SALE
  1. Livestock showmanship contests will be held during the scheduled show time for each species.
  2. Ages of Showmanship exhibitors as of Jan. 1, of the current year, will be a Junior, 8-10 years old; Intermediate, 11-13 years old; Senior, 14-18 years old.
  3. All Phillips County 4-H and FFA members are required to enter at least one species in the Showmanship Contest to sell in the Livestock Sale. Showmen must show their own animal.
  4. The basis for judging showmanship is as follows:
    1. Preparation of animals, 40%.
      1. Cleanliness.
      2. General appearance of an
    2. Ability to show animal at best advantage, 60%.
      1. Poise of exhibitor.
      2. Alertness in following instructions.
      3. Ability to control animal at all times.
  5. Premiums: 1st, $6; 2nd, $5; 3rd, $4; 4th, $3; 5th, $2; 6th $1.
Awards may be presented to a 4-H Club or FFA Chapter that best demonstrates outstanding ability in the art of herdsmanship. Factors to be considered in judging will be:

  1. Cleanliness of animals, stalls, pens, alleys, exhibit areas.
  2. Signs identifying club, chapter or individual animals and their exhibitors is encouraged. Distinctive decorations that enhance the appearance of the display are also encouraged.
  3. Personal appearance and attitude of club, chapter or individual.
  4. Participation in showmanship contest and all its aspects, in preparation and grooming of the animals and the showing of the animal.
  5. Cooperation with superintendents, including sportsmanship.
  6. Proper care of animals, including disposal of bedding and manure.
  7. Neatness and cleanliness of feed and water and prompt removal of same when not in use.
  8. Tack box only permitted behind animal along the promenade aisle. For this contest the superintendents will consider all stalls or pens occupied by the club, chapter or individual.
  9. The herdsmanship contest will start first day of Fair and end last day of fair. Displays may be inspected at any time during the time the contest is in progress.
  10. Superintendents of the beef, dairy cow, goat, sheep, swine, horse, and poultry/rabbit departments will determine the recipients of the Herdsman Awards.
  11. Herdsman awards will be presented during the 4-H Achievement Program and/or FFA Award Banquet.
  1. The Junior Livestock Sale is for selling of Rabbits, Goats, Market Beef, Poultry, Swine and Sheep.
  2. The Junior Livestock Sale is for 4-H and FFA members only, up to and including the age of 18 as of Jan. 1, of the current year, or the fair immediately following High School graduation.
  3. Exhibitors may sell 2 head of livestock and are limited to 1 head per livestock species.
  4. Deadline for sale sign up is 6:00 p.m. Friday of Fair or as otherwise announced. Please see sale sign up commission/sheet.
  5. All stock is the responsibility of the exhibitor until normal release time of the fair.
  6. All market animals must be within market weights to be eligible for the sale. Please see the respective departments.
  7. Sale weights will be the weight recorded on official weigh-in at fair.
  8. The Junior Livestock Sale is a terminal sale. All animals sold through the Phillips County Junior Livestock Sale, not retained by the buyer for his own meat use, shall be sold at resale value by the Junior Livestock Sale Committee to packer/slaughter buyer only.
  9. Exhibitors must show their own animals in the sale ring except for an unforeseen emergency.
  10. All sales are final, however if a champion exhibitor is selling their animal in the Jr. Livestock Sale and wants to participate in a champion of champions show, they must declare their intentions on their consignment form at sale consignment time. A champion of champions contract must be picked up from the extension office, completed and returned by check out time on Sunday. The exhibitor will be required to make arrangements with the owner of the animal immediately following the Jr. Livestock Sale in order to participate in the champion of champions show. Please refer to the champion of champions rules found in the extension office for more details.
  11. No d├ęcorations on animals allowed.
  12. Exhibitors will be charged 3% of the gross sale price on all species to help conduct, promote and otherwise finance the Junior Livestock Sale.
  13. All market animals will be subject to packer discount, if imposed. Exhibitor will assume the discount.
  14. A signed COOL affidavit must be turned in prior to the Junior Livestock Sale.

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