Superintendent: Dave Gibson


  • Rules
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Project Exhibit Rules:

  1. Please read all General Rules, Livestock Rules, Livestock Health Regulations, Jr. Livestock Sale Rules and USDA Wholesome Meat Act rules.
  2. Please see Official Schedule of the Fair for Weigh-in/Entry and Judging Times
  3. Market sheep must be weighed and identified with an ear tag at the Market Sheep/Goat weigh-in in May. All Market Sheep will automatically be entered in the rate-of-gain contest.
  4. Lambs must have been born in 2013, yearlings in 2012, and aged sheep prior to Jan. 1, 2012.
  5. Market lambs of all breeds will be split as evenly as possible into weight classes and judged accordingly.
  6. Each exhibitor may show up to 4 market lambs.
  7. Lambs under 100 pounds will be shown as feeder lambs. Lambs over 160 lbs. will be shown in the overweight class. They will not be considered for champion and will not be allowed to go through the Junior Livestock Sale.
  8. All yearlings and older sheep must have been shorn in current year.
  9. A flock is 2 ewes and a ram owned by one exhibitor. These animals must be shown individually at the fair.
  10. Breeding classes will be provided for recognized breeds that have 3 or more entries for a class.
  11. Jr. Market lambs must be carrying all milk teeth (have lamb teeth) in place. All lambs must be shown uniformly slick shorn with a maximum of 1/4" wool from the knees and hocks up. No patterns allowed.
  12. Lambs must be shown without hairdressing compounds including oils, paints, powders, artificial coloring or other dressing, with NO belly or flank wool.l.
  13. During market lamb classes, the front feet of the sheep must remain on the show ring floor while being shown.
  14. Premiums: See Livestock Rules.
    Division Y: Youth (Phillips County 4-H and FFA Exhibitors)
    Division O: Residents of Phillips and adjoining counties


Appropriate classes for age, breed and sex will be designated after pre-registration entries are received.

– Showmanship Senior
– Showmanship Intermediate
– Showmanship Junior
– Feeder lamb
– Market lamb
– Champion lamb classes
– Pair of market lambs owned by 1 exhibitor
– Club or chapter group of 5; 3 members must be represented
– Rate-of-gain
– Ewe lamb
– Yearling ewe
– Aged ewe
– Ram lamb
– Yearling ram
– Aged ram
– Flock
– Overall Champion Breeding Ewe