Superintendents: Dave Gibson


  • Rules
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Project Exhibit Rules:

  1. Please read all General Rules, Livestock Rules, Livestock Health Regulations, Jr. Livestock Sale Rules and USDA Wholesome Meat Act rules.
  2. Please see Official Schedule of the Fair for Weigh-in/Entry and Judging times.
  3. No breeding swine will be exhibited or shown.
  4. Market swine weighing less than 230 pounds will be shown in a feeder class. Market swine weighing over 300 pounds will be shown in an overweight class. They will not be considered for champion and will not be allowed to go through the livestock sale.
  5. Swine exhibitors must have swine registrations on file with the Extension Office by May 7, of the current year, in order to show at the Phillips County Fair.
  6. Exhibitors are limited to 4 market swine entries.
  7. All market swine must be clean of all mud and dirt and their ear tags must be clean so that they are easily read before they will be weighed.
  8. Market hogs of all breeds will be split as evenly as possible into weight classes and judged accordingly.
  9. Hogs must be shown without hairdressing compounds including, oils, paints, powders, artificial coloring or other dressing to include hoof ointments or treatment paints.
  10. Premiums: See General Rules.
    Division Y: Youth (Phillips County 4-H and FFA Exhibitors)


Appropriate classes will be designated after pre-registration entries are received and hogs have been weighed in at the fair.

– Showmanship Senior
– Showmanship Intermediate
– Showmanship Junior
– Market hog classes
– Champion market hog classes